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10 Essential Strategies to successfully learn French Checklist

Learn French the right way with this FREE checklist. It provides a road map with the exact order to do things  when it comes to learning French. Take the right move by knowing exactly the skills that you need to master before moving to the next one.

French resources:10 essential strategies to successfully learn French - Checklist
French resources: Effective way of using regular verbs in French

Efective way of using Regular verbs in French

Learn the basics needed to start building sentences in French. This mini-guide will help you with the first step needed to confidently use and memorize Regular Verbs in French.

Most Common French Question Words to better understand questions asked

Never answer by when you did something rather than why you did it. Understanding question words in French is the crucial step needed for you to actually understand a question that is asked to you and then answer appropriately. 

French resources: French Question words
French resources: French Alphabet flashcards and mini-course

French Alphabet flashcard and mini-course

Learn the French alphabet so that you know how to spell your name in French and where you live when you book your next hotel room.