Distance Learning KS3/11+/Pre-IGCSE in French e-Course

Distance Learning KS3/11+/Pre-IGCSE in French e-Course

Start date: any time in the year

Full Course over two years: £499*

This structured course is perfect for students who would like to complete KS3/Pre-IGCSE in French while working at their own pace. They would also like to have 24/7 access to multi-media material and resources. You will also love to have scheduled one to one private tutoring included to improve your pronunciation skills.

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The KS3/11+/Pre-IGCSE in French course includes:

  • Scheduled online tutoring to develop your speaking and listening skills
  • Continuous email support throughout the duration of the course
  • 24/7 access to French Tuition Online Learning Management Platform which is packed with relevant resources
  • Regular homework to reinforce students' learning.
  • 1 to 5 days turn around of your homework; Constructive feedback given
  • Recorded lessons accessible to all students enrolled in our courses.
  • Free access to a vast range of multi-media material including audio recordings to help your child develop their listening and pronunciation skills.
  • Regular assignments throughout the course to help you gauge your progress
  • Vocabulary flashcards matching perfectly the course content to help your child learn and develop their vocabulary
  • The expertise of an experienced French Tutor and native French-speaking teacher to whom your child will submit homework and assignments.
  • Possibility to supplement your course with extra private tuition at a discounted rate

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