Fast track Key stage 3 French

At last an opportunity for you to cover the whole key stage 3 French syllabus in just 1.5 years!

Introduction- Who is it for?

The Fast track Key stage 3 French classes (years 7-9) are especially designed for self-motivated students who have already had some exposure to the French language and/or can already speak French (French might already be their second language). They might however need more help with their writing skills, reading and grammar. With the Fast track Key stage 3 French, your child will work at a pace and level that meet their individual needs, develop invaluable study skills and concentration and establish a positive attitude to study.


  • Drop in sessions where students can attend for a total of 2 hours a week
  • Covers the National Curriculum for years 7 to 9 known as KS3 French
  • Are especially designed for home educated learners
  • Also suitable for students who are not taught French in their school
  • Suitable also to students who are already studying French at school or elsewhere but who want to get better at it
  • Follows through to the International GCSE in French and then A-level in French.
  • Students can join any time during the year.


The course is divided into 12 modules covering years 7, 8 and 9 learning objectives in French and includes the following areas.

  • Basics: Numbers, times and dates, meeting and greeting, being polite
  • You, family and home: your details, your family, your pets, your home, where you live, daily routines, chores, the body, health and illness
  • School and jobs: School subjects, school routine, classroom items, jobs
  • Town, shopping, food and drink: Places in towns, directions, restaurants, likes and dislikes, shops, clothes and colours
  • Free time, hobbies and transport: Sport and musical instruments, pastimes and hobbies, TV, radio and book, going out and making arrangements, transport
  • Letters: informal letters, formal letters, post office and telephones
  • Weather, holidays and countries:
  • Grammar, phrases
  • Pronunciation rules, book reading and text comprehension

Offline Class Venues:

Attendance at the learning centres is an option. This option is an extended service offered to allow students living in Leicester and who are able to attend to meet and work together.

Coleman Neighbourhood CentreBalderstone CloseLeicester,LE5 4ES United KingdomTel: +44 (0) 7866 218 839 Moat Community collegeMaidstone RoadLeicester,LE2 0TU United KingdomTel: +44 (0) 7866 218 839


Distance Learning:

The format of the Fast track KS3 French course is such that it can be accessed by distance learners. Since attendance at the learning centres is not compulsory, if the students are unable to attend classes at the different venues, arrangement can be made for them to work from home as a distance learner. In this case the course will include Tutor Marked Assignments that will need to be completed by the students and sent out to be marked. This arrangement does not exclude them from attending the classes whenever they feel like it or if their situation changes.


The 2012-2013 Fast track Key stage 3 French classes (years 7-9) will begin the first week of March 2013. Thereafter students can join any time during the year.

Offline Class times: Friday: 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Online tutorial dates and times:  At the end of each module. But exact dates and times will vary and will therefore be communicated  in due course.

Supporting material for the Fast track French class:

The Fast track Key stage 3 French is supported by the following essential texts.

Internet Access

Students will also need to have access to the internet.


The cost of the fast track KS3 French course is £540 payable in 9 monthly instalments. It will include:

  • 27 live one to one private tuition sessions of  1.5 hours at the beginning of each module of the course
  • 27 tutor marked assignments: Student will complete their assignments and email them to their tutor.
  • Continuous email support throughout the duration of the course
  • 1 free study calendar to help students schedule their learning
  • 1 free introductory session to discuss the course requirements and learning tips
  • Free access to French Tuition online support: Students will be able to access at any time the resources and material available in the ‘members only area’. This area will include the Pdfs  and Word files, Powerpoint, audio and videos used during the lessons. It will also gradually include French newspaper articles, songs, jokes, vocabulary flashcards and quizzes as well as weblinks to games and other French educational websites.


By the end of the course, students should be in a good position to tackle a GCSE or IGCSE program (Key Stage 4).

Please contact us to find out more. Click here to apply for the course.

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