Our Different Programs of study

At FrenchTuitionOnline we offer different programs of study to suit your needs and budget.

Specific French Lessons

We can help you develop a specific area of the French Language that you want to focus on. This program is suitable for you if you are looking to improve only one particular aspect of the French Language. You might already have outstanding writing skills in French but you are not happy with your speaking skills. In this program teaching is normally conducted on an individual basis. This allows us to respond and focus on your specific needs. Our specific French Lessons where you can specify the area that suits you best are in the following domains:

  • French Conversation
  • French grammar and writing
  • French reading and comprehension

French Lessons Complete program

This program is the right one for you if you need help in all aspects of the French language. In the complete program all four categories of Learning French Language which are reading, writing, speaking and listening will be covered in each lesson. This program is either conducted on a one to one basis or delivered in small classes of up to 5 students.

French Courses

This is a complete course with sessions normally ranging from 3 to 30 and generally over a period of 3 to 30 weeks. Because of the nature of such courses, they are booked as a package with a pre-determined number of sessions. This program is delivered either individually or collectively.

When it is conducted as a private tuition package, a native French teacher focuses solely on your individual needs and you can schedule your different sessions any time you wish to. But this program also allows you to choose to be part of a small class of up to 5 students. In this case you choose the class that suits you by referring to the days and time of the sessions that are set in advance.

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