A French reader for beginning-level students. Beginner’s French Reader (Topping) is a motivating book that gives students a successful experience reading in the first level of French study. The 27 high-interest stories are short, often humorous, and culturally and linguistically authentic. It includes flexible exercises that students can complete independently or as a class.

promenons nous dans les bois
promenons nous dans les bois

“The Easy Reader Series” books are easy-to-follow guides and are suitable for a brand-new beginner or an advanced-beginning learner. The new editions let the learners dive into the language with engaging readings. The level of difficulty progresses gradually to match the learner’s growing reading skills. This process allows them to rapidly build comprehension and confidence as they enjoy the stories.

“Easy French Reader” begins with the adventures of two friends, an American and a Parisian, as they learn about their respective cultures. As you read about their experiences, you’ll discover the nuances of language and culture right along with the students. The next section contains a colourful history of France, from ancient Gaul to the present, offering biographical sketches of famous personalities including Charlemagne, Joan of Arc, and Napoleon.

The final section features four abridged short stories by famous French authors that allow you to practice your grammar and vocabulary skills on authentic works of French literature. Progressive format makes it easy to quickly build comprehension. Marginal word glossaries conveniently present new words and phrases. Exercises challenge language comprehension and build reading skills. Fully updated new editions, featuring expanded exercises and answer key.

“Lisons comme ça!” is a multilevel French reader containing three sections, each becoming more challenging. This French reader will help students improve their reading skills. It expands vocabulary, strengthens reading skills, and introduces culture, history, and the literature of the Francophone world.

promenons nous dans les bois

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