Cadichon Ou Les mémoires d’un âne

Origins of Cadichon

The television series

Cadichon is a French animated television series adapted from the character created by the Comtesse de Ségur. It was broadcast from September 6, 1986 on Canal + in the program Cabou Cadin.

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Find below the English version of Les mémoires d'un âne.

Some episodes of Cadichon

These series feature the adventures of a little grey donkey. Mistreated by her master, she finds solace from her friends Caroline, Jacques, Sooty and Rover.

Cadichon ou les mémoires d’un âne - Episode 01 - Medor

The donkey Cadichon was bought by a man and a lady who had a daughter who was constantly ill and was always getting bored. 

Cadichon ou les mémoires d’un âne - Episode 02 - La poursuite

Cadichon flee away from his master and is chased by dogs and other animals that were looking for him. After running and sleeping, he wakes up but cannot quite remember where he is. He then suddenly remembers what led him to be there.

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