IGCSE/GCSE French Cramming Courses

IGCSE French crammer course

Qualification: CIE IGCSE French 0520

Qualification: Edexcel IGCSE French 4FR1

Exam Dates: November and June

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Ensure that you are prepared for your exam by joining our intensive revision course. Our cramming courses are delivered by our experienced native French-speaking teacher and usually arranged just before the relevant IGCSE/GCSE exam in French.  

These courses are particularly effective in consolidating course material and provide students with learning methods and examination techniques and simple methods to help them answer examination questions successfully. If chosen as a one-to-one private tuition, this course can take the form of student-led examination preparation where we concentrate on specific areas that you would like to work on such as speaking, essay writing or any grammatical points causing you concern. 

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