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From Teacher’s guide – Edexcel International GCSE in French (4FR0)  – Issue 2 – June 2012

There is a wealth of useful resources an d excellent websites available for use in  French teaching and learning.                            Practical information and exercises             A wide range of material for students and teachers from Ashcombe School, England                                           The official website of the Asterix series                                Vocabulary builder                                      MP3 recordings in several languages                                        Youth-orientated magazines and audio support etc                              Language learning practice              Revision practice for GCSE students                            Vocabulary and grammar exercises                           Information about using IT in the MFL classroom                                               Links to teacher blogs and new ideas for  teaching          Video clips illustrating  good teaching practice    A menu of case studies and good practice using ICT                        Official language-teaching site of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie                                  Information about learning French and practical exercises                                    Useful tips and guidance for students to use individually                                       Free KS3 and KS4 language learning resource                             Information on how to introduce ICT into the MFL classroom       French grammar reference site with exercises                         Site managed by teachers at the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe, England                                     Wide range of activities in French from many sources                                   News magazine designed for young French people; includes online guidance for teachers                                                Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies                                         Task Magic: authoring and interactive content creation tools for teachers                                        French language teaching site with games and exercises from the Metropolitan University of Manchester           A wide range of material, including games, songs, listening, reading and grammar-based activities produced by practising teachers

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