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With our Private French Tuition Courses, students benefit from individual attention, build their confidence in French and work at their own pace. 

 French tuition courses are all-inclusive and follow step by step each specific syllabus. Our mission is to work in partnership with students and parents to deliver high quality French courses that develop students' skills in French.

Who are the Private French Tuition Courses for?

Our private tuition French courses are designed especially for students who are not able to attend any of our group courses at the time that they are scheduled. Our all-inclusive  French course is the right option for your child if:

  • the school he/she attends do not provide any teaching of the French language.
  • On the other hand your child might be a home educated student and he/she might have other commitments at the time that their chosen group course is delivered. With the private tuition French courses, students can start their course any time in the year and schedule their lessons at a time that is suitable to them.
  • Our private tuition French courses follow the syllabus and are tailored to students' needs and level in French. If your child would prefer support given on a one to one basis, this is the perfect option for him/her.
  • Some students might also not feel confident talking in French in front of other students and, in this case the private tuition course is the right option for them. 
  • Students who would like take their GCSE French early. If your child is a highly motivated student and you would like him/her to take many GCSE exams. With these courses, your child will be able to focus on French in years 7 to 9, sit his/her GCSE French exam before years 10 and 11 so that she/he will be able to better concentrate on other GCSE subjects in years 10 and 11.

Our private tuition French courses, will help your child make rapid progress in French, will get him/her their best possible grades in their French exams while they will be enjoying the language and subject.

A lot of progress in a relatively short time.....

«Thank you for all your hard work with Lucas and Clarrie this year. I am very impressed with how much progress they have made in a relatively short time!»

DAVINA B. //  Parent of Pre-IGCSE Student

Please find below some information and details that relate to all of our different private tuition French courses.

What do the private tuition French courses include?

All our private Tuition French courses include all material needed to successfully improve your French. They include:
- A free initial online demonstration;
- One, two or three weekly live tuition depending on the course chosen;
- 7 to 15 tutor-marked assignments depending on the course chosen;
- Continuous email support throughout the duration of the course;
24/7 Free access to French Tuition Online Learning Management Platform packed with resources including multi media materials and audio recordings to develop your listening and pronunciation skills, and you can access those on a 24/7 basis;
- Weekly homework to reinforce students’ learning;
- 1 to 5 days turn around of your homework;
Constructive feedback given;
- Vocabulary flashcards matching perfectly the course content to help students learn and develop their vocabulary;
- Tuition by
native French speaker and qualified teacher.

On top of all the benefits mentioned above, the IGCSE in French course includes:

∗ 24/7 access to our powerful Learning management system full of
- audio tracks to help students develop their listening skills;
- self-marked grammar activities focusing on each of the grammar points covered in tutorials
- Vocabulary flashcards with sound files to help students learn and retain the vocabulary covered in each chapter of the course. The activities include flashcards, speller, learn and matching up activities as well as a test allowing students to monitor their progress.
- The presentation used in each session including the vocabulary activities used to exploit the words and phrases covered in the course (bingo, odd one out, quick fire ten…..)

Exam-style questions and practice focusing on each of the skills required for the IGCSE French exams (listening, reading, writing and speaking).

Your teaching involves a large oral component not replicated anywhere else....

«I just wanted to email you and thank you for your hard work with my son. After the last two lessons he has decided he wants to continue to learn French with you. He is going to withdraw from the Key Stage 3 course he was studying with another provider, as it was pitched at the wrong level for him and also the style of teaching was not working for him. In particular your teaching involves a large oral component which is not replicated in any other online French course I have looked at. Thank you so much, you have obviously boosted his confidence in the last two lessons!»


Parent of KS3/Pre-IGCSE-GCSE Student

What is the outcome after taking one of the private Tuition French Courses?

Our private tuition French courses were initially designed for home educated students to whom we provided all-inclusive courses in French. These courses have then been extended to other students in particular the ones who attend school. This means that you can be assured that the national curriculum is fully covered and the full syllabus is delivered with all the course material needed to make progress in French and be prepared to sit your chosen exam.

Students who have completed the year 7 private tuition French course are well equipped to move on and do the year 8 private tuition French course. Those who have completed the year 8 can then move to the year 9 course and the ones who have completed the pre-IGCSE-GCSE Private tuition French course move and do the IGCSE French course. At the end of the IGCSE French course, students are fully prepared to sit their IGCSE in French. The same applies to students who have completed the IGCSE-GCSE in French as they can then move to the A-Level private Tuition French Course.

i got an A* (96%) in my french iGCSE

My iGCSE French results came out! I got an A* (96%).
Thank you so much for your excellent, thorough and patient preparation - for being a wonderful French teacher 🙂.

sara g.
Cambridge iGCSE student

Our Different Private Tuition French Courses

KS3/Pre-IGCSE-GCSE in French Private tuition Courses

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