Year 7 French course Module 10

Learning Objectives:

In this module, you will learn:

  1. the different activities that people do in their free time and talk about your free time

  2. the present tense of group 2 verbs ending in -IR  i.e. finir (to finish)

  3. the present tense of group 3 verbs ending in -RE  i.e. vendre (to sell)


TASK MAGIC Revision games

Now you have reached the end of the year 7 course, revise the main vocabulary and grammar points seen with the Task Magic application.

Download here a great number of games that you will be able to play on your computer.

Click here to go to Task magic and to download the home version of the software. You will then only need to follow the instructions and install it on your computer.


Download Interlex which is a free application and start building up your vocabulary by starting with the words and expressions seen in each of the modules. You will then be able to test yourself with this application:


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