The essential Strategies to successfully learn French & get the best grades in your next French exam.

Use the strategies that our students have followed to boost their pronunciation, speak confidently in French, get A/A* and grades 8-9 in their International GCSE and A-Level French exams.

Get the resource that is the most suited to your level to learn French.


Complete beginners

Kickstart your French with our Free French Alphabet flashcard pack and start on the right foot.



Get the Free ultimate guide to Easily memorise and use Regular Verbs in your Sentences in French.



Get an edge in your exam with French Oral exam questions and be ready for the big day.

Competition for top schools and prestigious universities is very high!

EFrench Tuition Online provides excellent French courses delivered by native French speakers so that you can rapidly boost your skills in French.

Learn French

Throughout the year, we run all-inclusive courses to help our students, including home-educated children, study French. Our dedicated courses are in line with the national curriculum and strictly follow the different exam boards' specifications.

Additionally, we provide after school structured tutorial programmes which allow students to receive a supplement to their school teaching. We also provide focused revision during your French exam periods.

All our French courses and French lessons are aimed at 10-year-olds and above and focus on French at Key Stage 2, KS3,  11+ Common Entrance, Pre-(i)GCSE, GCSE, IGCSE and A-Levels. 

Why Choose Us to Learn French?

Take a look at some benefits on offer.

Wide range of courses and levels to learn french.

French Courses available at all levels

  • We accompany you step by step throughout your journey of studying French from a beginner level to a highly confident level in French. At the very end of your journey learning French with us, if this is your wish, you will have developed the language skills needed to study any subject at a French university, or to study French at a university in the UK or abroad.

Different types of Courses to learn French

Various exam boards

  • Our IGCSE Courses prepare you to take your French exams with the Cambridge Assessment International Education and the Edexcel examination boards. Our A- Level course prepares you to sit exams with the AQA board.

french tutoring

Tailored lessons to boost your confidence

  • No need to struggle in silence any longer with such an interesting subject. Receive dedicated support as a supplement to your school French lessons. 
  • Our French tutoring helps you make massive progress in French through lessons that are tailored to your own specific needs. 
  • Students are able to work at their own pace and in a relaxed environment. No longer feel scared to express yourself in French! At any time, students can ask questions to clarify points that they are concerned about or have not fully understood at school.

intensive exam prep

We focus on exam techniques and simple methods for success.

Make the most of the last few weeks before your all-important French exams. Our dedicated GCSE/IGCSE and A-Level crammer courses as well as our well-designed oral exam crammer courses concentrate on teaching students simple methods to successfully answer examination questions. 

small group tuition

Learn French with lessons taught by experienced native French-speaking teachers.

We provide small French group tuition in intimate classes of 3 to 6 people which allow students to confidently express themselves in a safe environment.

What Our Parents Say

«I just wanted to email you, and thank you for your hard work with my son. In particular your teaching involves a large oral component which is not replicated in any other online French course I have looked at. Thank you so much, you have obviously boosted his confidence in the last two lessons!»

~ Gwen ~ Parent of KS3 student ~ 

«I am delighted to tell you that Laurence got an A*. His overall mark was 86; he was well over the boundary. So once again, a million thanks for all your tuition and guidance. Laurence is off to school for the first time in September to study Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A level. »

~ Jennie ~ Parent of IGCSE Student ~

Choose from various courses to learn French

Take a look at our Featured Courses

Private Tuition French Courses

Feel reassured with a range of complete courses that follow the National Curriculum and major specifications.

IGCSE-GCSE French Course

Get ready to successfully sit a nationally recognized French exam with this all-inclusive French course.

KS3/Pre-IGCSE French Course

Start your French learning journey with these courses that will develop your basic knowledge in grammar, vocabulary.

A-Level French Course

Extend your knowledge of the French language before your university studies or work life.

What our students say

«After having an A grade for my AS thanks to your tuition, I’m so excited to tell you that I just got an A in my A level in French. The hours and dedication you put in were a huge help in me getting this fantastic grade. You helped me to hugely improve on my use of grammar, sentence structure, connectives and word variations. The tuition taken in both the AS and A2 really benefited me and the exam techniques preparation we did for the oral and written exams were crucial in me securing my A grade. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to be tutored by a EFrenchTuition Online teacher.»

~ Maryam H. ~  ALevel Student ~ 

«Over the last two years, I have benefited greatly from your lessons as I learnt all about sentence structure, all the different grammar rules and how to apply the complex grammar to my own work. Also, I have learnt a lot more new vocabulary from all the different texts we look at in your lessons and from reading these texts my pronunciation has improved massively and therefore now I find speaking in French a lot easier. …the lessons are very effective and simple to understand, also the texts we look at and the listening activities we do from the book are very fun and interesting.»

~ Naomi N. ~ KS3 & GCSE Student ~

Want to learn French but don't know where to start?

Featured Quiz, Quotes and articles to help you learn French!

Test your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and verb tenses before your next French exam.

Use these French Nursery rhymes to easily learn French vocabulary in a playful way.

Enjoy these captivating and intriguing French novels and stories while you develop in a fun way major skills in French.

Get inspired with these fantastic quotes that have been translated to ease your learning.

Start your Learning French journey with these excellent KS2 and KS3 French textbooks which are ideal to get a good grasp of basic vocabulary and grammar in French.

Use these well-designed A-Level books to assist you on your journey while you prepare for your exams.

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