French Tutoring – Our private tuition Program

French Tutoring - Our Private Tuition Program

In light of Covid-19, Online French tutoring in the comfort of your own home, will definitely prevent your child from falling behind.

French tutoring is the perfect solution for you if you want your child to make massive progress in French. With large number of students, teachers often can not give to each child the attention that they deserve. Many parents therefore feel that their children aren't getting the support they need at school, so get a head start!

EFrenchTuition Online can help your child make rapid and exceptional progress in French by offering you personalised and targeted support in this subject

One-to-one tuition can be the ideal solution if you already study French at school at KS3, IGCSE/GCSE or A-level and you feel that you need to boost your confidence in French.

You may just need support to develop a particular area of the French Language, so we also assist in specific domains of the French Language.

Did you know that one in three parents uses private tuition?

I find speaking in French a lot easier. Lessons are simple to understand. Activities are fun.

«Over the last two years, I have benefited greatly from your lessons. My pronunciation has improved massively, and now I find speaking in French a lot easier. The lessons are very effective and simple to understand, also the texts we look at and the listening activities we do from the book are very fun and interesting.» 

Naomi N.

KS3 and GCSE Student 

Nationally recognised exams in French

We also offer complete courses to students whom their school may not have provisions for foreign languages, or they may want to sit their French exams earlier than the time they are scheduled for at school. We have already helped students do just that. 

We provide private tuition to students who prepare for nationally recognised exams in French. We can help you achieve the best examination grades possible for your IGCSE/GCSE or A-Level exams in French to ensure that you are attributed places in competitive courses and prestigious universities.

If you are a home educated student, and you feel that you need personalised support in French, we can also help you. We cover the full curriculum and our KS3, IGCSE and A-Level private tuition courses are designed particularly with home educated students in mind. Our one on one tutoring allow them to go on holidays during school term times or any other time in the year that they may wish to.

what they say about us....

She has come at the end of the term with 95% in speaking....

My husband and I just wanted to send a message of Christmas wishes to you and your family.
The work and time you have put into I. has reaped huge rewards for her and she has come out at the end of term with a French Speaking result of 95% and we are awaiting the written results but it has been indicated that
she has performed strongly there as well.

we feel I. has worked hard with you and with your encouragement she has reached the end of this year in the school she wanted and
with many objectives in French achieved.
Thank you so much for what you have done so far.

A. G. and A. G. ~ Parents of KS3 Student ~

How to book your French tutoring?

With EFrenchTuition,  booking your French lesson online is as easy and simple as 1-2-3.

Choose either one hour of French tutoring or one of our package options.

At EFrench Tuition Online, there is a variety of one-to-one private tuition programs to choose from to help you build your confidence in the French Language.

Proceed to payment

With EFrenchTuition Online you can choose to pay your tuition fees by debit or credit card or through PayPal. A bank transfer is the most preferred option for us though.

Schedule your different sessions

With EFrenchTuition Online you can schedule your lessons at a time that suits you best. Click here to do so.


Book Your French Tutoring!

Your first Private lesson is 100% free when you enrol on a course. Click the button below to get started!

How much do our Private French tutoring lessons cost?

Individual lessons and block booking Plans

Full Courses

Advantageous pricing plans

If you wish to take at least 40 hours of tuition, or you wish to study a full course over a minimum of 40 weeks, we offer a facilitated payment option with more advantageous pricing plans. If you opt for this option, the total fee of the year is spread over 9 months and the tuition is paid through automatic monthly instalments. Your child has also the guarantee to have their French lessons each week on the same day and time throughout the year.

How does it work?

Parents choose the most suitable day and time for their tuition and a schedule of dates for the year is devised for you with your chosen lessons time. Your chosen slots are removed from the online calendar and no other parents will be able to book these slots. This ensures that your child will have their French lesson each week at the same time.

* Note: Please note that we apply an increased rate of 10%  for lessons taken on Fridays and of 20% for lessons taken during the weekend. Thank you to contact us if you wish to book those days.  ** Prices may change without prior notice.

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Veronique provides excellent support for her pupils and is always willing to help or to explain...... 

«I would also like to recommend Veronique's classes. Sam has been studying with Veronique since January and he thoroughly enjoys the classes. He says that she makes learning French more fun and interesting than I ever did! She provides excellent support for her pupils and is always willing to help or to explain. The online side of things is easy to set up and use.» -
Tammy (parent of Pre-IGCSE and IGCSE student)

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