Our different French Courses

Our range of French Courses

We are on a mission to empower you through our French courses which range from primary school age to near native speaker level, giving you the knowledge, skills and qualifications you need in life.

Key facts about our French Courses

Learn French online with our different French courses. They will give you valuable life skills, prepare you for life, help develop your confidence and communication skills in French, and you will grow a lasting passion for the French Language.

Who are our French courses for?

We offer a variety of courses and programmes for: 

  1. 1
    Home-educated learners: Our comprehensive French courses allow our home educated learners to study French in a structured way, leading them to be well-prepared to take nationally recognised exams in French.
  2. 2
    Private candidates: Our range of comprehensive courses are also suitable to students who may be attending school but whose schools do not offer French as part of their subjects. 
  3. 3
    School pupils: Our courses allow students who have French as part of their school curriculum to receive a supplement to their school teaching if they want to get their best possible grades in their French exams.

The variety of our French courses

We offer French lessons for beginners through to the advanced French level (AS & A-Level) in French.


Primary school-aged children can start with our KS2 French primary courses but other students who have never studied French can start with the year 7 French course, which is normally delivered over one year. 

Alternatively, students can opt for our KS3/Pre-IGCSE-GCSE French course, which could be done over two or three years. 

All our KS3/Pre-IGCSE courses are delivered as private French lessons, small group courses or distance learning courses. You will just need to choose the option that is the best suited to your needs.

Our different French Courses

KS2 French

KS2 Primary French Courses

With our KS2 French courses, help your 8 to 10 years old children to discover the French language and learn new French words while having fun.

Ks3/pre-IGCSE-GCSE French Course

KS3/Pre-IGCSE/GCSE French Courses

Our KS3/Pre-IGCSE/Pre-GCSE French course is perfect for your child if you want to foster their curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world through a language spoken in 5 continents. 

IGCSE/GCSE French Course

IGCSE/GCSE French Courses

The IGCSE/GCSE French Course is perfect for you if you want to further your skills in French and prepare for an English nationally recognised qualification in French. 

A-Level French Private tuition course

AS & A-Level French Course

The A-Level French Course is perfect for you if you want to study beyond IGCSE/GCSE French, be fluent in a modern foreign language spoken by millions and prepare for an English nationally recognised qualification in French. 

Private tuition French Courses

Private tuition Courses

Ranging from KS2 primary French to A-Level French, these complete comprehensive courses follow the national curriculum in French and the major exam boards' specifications. With our courses tailored to your specific needs, you will be adequately prepared to successfully take your English nationally recognised French exams. 

small group tuition French courses

Small group tuition courses

You would like your child to learn French as part of a group? This is the ideal option for you as your child will make great progress in our intimate groups of no more than 5-6 students.

Distance Learning French Courses

Distance learning courses

Your child cannot attend their group classes at the time they are scheduled for? No problems! We have you covered with these distance learning courses which you can start any time in the year. 

Fast Track IGCSE French Distance Learning course combining Private Tuition

Fast Track Combined Distance learning/Private Tuition courses

Your child may find it intimidating to undertake a traditional distance Learning course on their own. You can feel reassured with the combined distance learning and private tuition courses. This option includes extra support and an extended number of private tuition lessons scheduled on a weekly basis to really track your child's progress. 

Past papers marking

IGCSE French Past paper marking

Get your past papers and your written essays marked by a native French speaker! The feedback provided will highlight the strengths and weaknesses seen in your work and help you progress towards your French exams. 

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