French Nursery Rhymes and children’s songs

French Nursery Rhymes to learn French in a fun way!

French Nursery Rhymes

These French Nursery Rhymes will be a valuable asset in your journey studying French. Our expertise has shown us that people and especially children learn best in a playful environment. We all tend to memorise quickly and for a longer period if learning is associated with joy. It definitely has to be fun.

Learning a new language can be extremely challenging and memorising new vocabulary and difficult concepts can be overwhelming. At EFrench Tuition Online, through our experience teaching for many years, we have found that the best way of remembering new vocabulary is to constantly repeating these words. Enjoyable songs are perfect simple tools that will allow you to do just that in record time. 

You will find below a carefully selected choice of French children's songs that will help you learn and practise repeating new basic French words in a relaxing and entertaining way.

French Nursery Rhymes

French Nursery Rhymes

If you have ever wanted to learn the numbers in French , this is the time. With this famous French song for children, you will find it a breeze to memorise those French numbers up to twelve.

French Nursery Rhymes

a lark = une alouette

When studying French, it can always be important to know the body parts in French. Knowing them is crucial to be able to describe yourself or others. We have you covered with this incredible French nursery rhyme.

French Nursery Rhymes

French Nursery Rhymes

Another interesting French children's song that will help you memorise the main body parts in French. You will also extend your vocabulary with other new words.

French Nursery Rhymes


promenons nous dans les bois. Watch this amazing video of the well-known French song for children Promenons nous dans les bois while you learn in a fun way major names of clothes in French and other new words.

French Nursery Rhymes

au feu les pompiers

Listen relentessly to this captivating French nursery rhyme Au feu les pompiers. And if you have always been strugling with the perfect tense in French, it will definitely help you memorise it as the same time. 

Other interesting French children's songs
  • Le facteur n'est pas passé. 
  • La vie en couleur.
  • Une souris verte.
  • 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Violette à bicyclette.
  • Lundi Matin.
  • Dans mon cartable.
  • A B C et 1 2 3.
  • Frère jacques
  • Il était un petit navire
  • Pirouette cacahuète
  • Au clair de la lune
  • Sur le pont d avignon

We hope that you have liked this resource and that it will help you in your French learning journey! We also provide French courses that will help you rapidly boost your French.

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