KS2 French: Primary Online French courses

French Language Courses for primary school-aged children at KS2 level.

With our KS2 French courses, help your 8 to 10 years old children to discover the French language and  learn new French words while having fun.

After many successful years of teaching French to secondary and sixth form students, EFrenchTuition Online is now offering French teaching to primary school aged pupils. 

Overview of the KS2 French courses

Students of KS2 French enjoy interactive lessons suitable for complete beginners. At this stage, learning French is a fun preparation for higher level study, and students will learn new words and phrases in an entertaining way through stories, songs, poems,  nursery rhymes and games. Activities focus a lot on fluency of the spoken French, though other areas of the French language such as reading and writing will be introduced.

Feel free to have a look below at the type of resources that we use to teach the primary French curriculum in our KS2 French courses.

Promenons nous dans les bois – French Nursery rhyme

1 2 3 nous irons au bois- French song for children

Savez-vous planter les choux? – Children’s song

Alouette Gentille Alouette – French song

Special Note! We are now taking registration for our Private tuition primary KS2 French courses. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to register your child.

The different skills learned in our KS2 French Courses

By the end of their primary school teaching, most students learning with us will have acquired the following skills.

Skills learned in the first stage of children's learning KS2 French

The different skills are broken down in the four language's strands which are listening, speaking, reading and writing. 


Pupils show that they understand a few familiar spoken words and phrases. They understand speech spoken clearly, face to face or from a good-quality recording. They may need a lot of help, such as repetition or gesture.


Pupils say single words and short, simple phrases in response to what they see and hear. They may need considerable support from a spoken model and from visual clues. They imitate correct pronunciation with some success.


Pupils recognise and read out a few familiar words and phrases presented in clear script in a familiar context. They may need visual clues.


Pupils write or copy simple words or symbols correctly. They label items and select appropriate words to complete short phrases or sentences.

Skills learned in the second stage of  children's learning KS2 French

The different skills are broken down in the four language's stands which are listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Pupils show that they understand a range of familiar spoken phrases. They respond to a clear model of standard language, but may need items to be repeated.


Pupils answer simple questions and give basic information. They give short, simple responses to what they see and hear, and use set phrases. Their pronunciation shows an awareness of sound patterns and their meaning is clear.


Pupils show that they understand familiar written phrases. They match sound to print by reading aloud familiar words and phrases. They use books or glossaries to find out the meanings of new words.


Pupils write one or two short sentences, following a model, and fill in the words on a simple form. They label items and write familiar short phrases correctly. When they write familiar words from memory, their spelling may be approximate.

What do we offer in our KS2 French Courses?

In addition to the contact teaching hours, our  KS2 French Primary courses offer the following benefits.

Qualified Native French speakers

All lessons are taught by qualified experienced native French speaker teachers who can guide your child through with the exact pronunciation of the French words and the other intricacies and subtleties of the French language.

Free initial online lesson

This session will introduce you to our e-classroom, and we will proceed to an evaluation of your level in French. This will also be an opportunity to ask any questions and see how our tuition could be the right fit for you.

Recorded lessons

All students enrolled on the course will have private access to each recorded live lesson, which they can watch (and re-watch) whenever suits them best. This feature is particularly useful when a student who has enrolled on a group course has been absent for unforeseen events.

Weekly homework

To reinforce students’ learning, homework is given on a weekly basis and will usually be due three days after the last tutorial or the time that it was set. Written work is marked within 1-4 days or before the next tutorial and uploaded on each student’s dashboard before the following lesson. This ensures that any problem noticed in the homework can be clarified when the lesson takes place. Constructive feedback is given to each student.

Email support

Throughout the duration of the course, students can email their teachers or contact them through the messaging system of our teaching platform. Parents can also contact us and their child's teacher for any issue. 

24/7 access to our learning platform

24/7 access to EFrenchTuition Online Learning platform: Students are able to access at any time the resources and material available in the ‘members only area’. This area includes songs, nursery rhymes, poems and audio used during the lessons. 

A lot of focus on speaking

We give a lot of focus to speaking in private tutoring or group classes. To allow us to provide the right level of support to each individual student, our group classes are therefore taught in very small sizes of up to 5 students. Based on our expertise and experience, we believe that small groups allow students to better interact with their tutors, especially for a language where speaking is involved.

Progression opportunity after the Primary KS2 French Courses

By the end of the Primary KS2  French course, students should be in a good position to tackle the Secondary KS3/Pre-GCSE/IGCSE French Course.

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