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IGCSE and GCSE French books

We have gathered her for you a list of the IGCSE/GCSE French books currently available that you could use to study for your French exams.

IGCSE/GCSE French books


Edexcel IGCSE and International Certificate French
After purchasing and assessing many different textbooks, we have decided on this essential textbook: a very colourful book which will appeal to most learners studying for their IGCSE in French. The Edexcel IGCSE French book contains up-to-date reading passages, various speaking activities, lots of listening activities and effective writing activities.

This book is also endorsed by Edexcel for both the International GCSE in French and the Level 1/2 Certificate in French. It therefore matches perfectly the new Edexcel IGCSE French syllabus.

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Edexcel-IGCSE-French-grammar-workbook180x221Edexcel IGCSE French grammar workbook

This grammar workbook builds confidence in French grammar and develops students’ ability to use French effectively. It covers all the key grammar points that students need for their Edexcel IGCSE French course. Each grammar point is supported by a clear explanation and examples followed by activities to help consolidate students’ understanding.



GCSE French Vocab tester and book
This French vocab tester is also very useful for building up all the vocabulary that students need for their GCSE in French. This Vocab tester strongly encourages independent learning by allowing them to learn the French vocabulary and then test themselves on what they have learned after they have created customised tests for that purpose. It contains audio recorded words by a native French speaker which helps with the pronunciation. A matching printed vocab book is also included, containing every word from the DVD-ROM.


Cambridge IGCSE and International Certificate French

This brand-new Student Book provides a grammar-led approach with extensive exam preparation that will help students develop independent, culturally aware students of French ready for the exam.

The book is written to the latest Cambridge International Examinations syllabus by experienced teachers. Extensive use of French reflects the style of the exams and, with specific exam advice and practice, it helps to build all the skills needed for success. Topics on Francophone cultures are integrated throughout to ensure students gain the cultural awareness that is at the heart of this qualification.

The book provides up-to-date content following a clear sequencing of topics designed specifically for teaching French at this level. It is designed to develop spontaneous, confident linguists who are able to progress to further study of French.

Encore Tricolore 4 Nouvelle Edition

Encore Tricolore nouvelle is a very colourful book suitable for middle to high ability. The course now incorporates new features to bring it in line with the revised GCSE and Standard Grade specifications. It has excellent activities to stretch students, a comprehensive list of vocabulary and a great and useful grammar and verb sections.


Encore Tricolore 4 Workbook

This GCSE workbook accompanies the Encore tricolore 4 student’s book and provides extra practice for the preparation of the IGCSE/GCSE in French.


Équipe Dynamique Book
Familiar themes are approached in a new and fresh way to inspire and interest students. The course is easy to use: the layout and format is clear and easy to follow.

Independent learning is encouraged through two plenary style activities at the end of each core teaching spread which encourage students to reflect on their learning and put it into practice. Skills and grammar are integrated from the beginning of the course. There is a dedicated grammar spread (Zoom grammaire) and skills spread (Guide examen) in each unit.
The Higher Students’ Book is for Higher level candidates aiming for A*-C grades.


Équipe dynamique workbook Higher

Équipe Dynamique workbook provides additional support and language practice. Ideal for homework and independent study in class. Extra grammar practice and vocabulary checklists for each unit.