AS/A-Level French books for AQA and Edexcel

We have gathered here for you the most commonly used AS/A-Level French books. They are excellent to study the AS and A-Level French and hopefully they will help you ace those all important AQA or Edexcel exams.

AS/A-Level French Books

AS/A-Level French books

This student Book has been approved by AQA and it supports the transition from IGCSE/GCSE and through the new A-level specification with a single textbook that has clear progression through four defined stages of learning suitable for a range of abilities.

This is a completely new textbook designed specifically to meet the demands of the new 2016 specification. The Student Book covers both AS and A-level in one textbook to help students build on and develop their language skills as they progress throughout the course.

This book:
- Supports the transition from IGCSE/GCSE with clear progression through four stages of learning: transition, AS, A-level and extension
- Exposes students to authentic target language material with topical stimulus, and film and literature tasters for every work
Builds grammar and translation skills with topic-related practice and a comprehensive grammar reference section
Develops language skills with a variety of tasks, practice questions and research activities
- Gives students the tools they need to succeed with learning strategies throughout 
- Prepares students for the assessment with advice on essay-writing and the new individual research project.

IGCSE/GCSE French books

Edexcel French for A Level is a one-volume French course for students following the Edexcel specification at AS and A2. It is endorsed by Edexcel and offers comprehensive coverage of the specification topics, in a carefully planned teaching scheme to ensure effective language learning plus effective exam preparation. A CD is also included.

AQA French A-Level & AS Grammar Workbook

Written especially for students transitioning from IGCSE/GCSE to AS and those working towards the AQA A Level exam, the AQA AS and A Level French Grammar & Translation Workbook can be used for homework, revision and independent study. It includes thorough revision of key grammar points and embedded translation practice, giving students confidence in language manipulation skills when meeting the rigorous demands of the 2016 specification.

AS/A-Level French Books

This Grammar Workbook and CD is ideal for improving students’ listening and speaking skills and contains a variety of authentic listening activities, including interviews, reports, dialogues, and discussions.

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