French Courses – Our experience with our Home educated Son

French language course - Our experience with our home educated son

Why did we choose e-French Tuition Online?

My son Sam is 13 and is home educated. He has never been to school and we love the flexibility that home education gives us as a family. We have always felt that it was important for Sam to speak a second language and over the years have dabbled in French and Latin. We have tried a variety of books and courses but none were as effective or as good as eFrenchtuitiononline because there is no substitute for learning a language from a native speaker.


How did we find out about this French Language course?

I first heard about eFrenchtuitiononline on one of the home education yahoo groups and enrolled Sam for the Year 7 class that started in January 2013. In September of the same year, we also enrolled Sam but this time for the year 8/9 class. This class was covered over one year and that was great for us. We wanted Sam to finish quickly the pre IGCSE course as we knew that he would have been able to cope with the course. Sam, then moved on to do the IGCSE course the next academic year. That means that I have been able to appreciate the quality of both the pre-IGCSE and the IGCSE courses.

What did we gain out of the French courses?

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French Language Course – Our experience with our Home educated Son

The course appealed to us because it was taught by a native French speaker, it was online and there was regular coursework and assessment. The class was small with only a handful of students, which meant that Veronique was able to give everyone the time and attention they needed. The textbook used was Galore Park “So You Really Want to Learn French“, which we were already familiar with. The book is well laid out and easy to use.  Sam enjoyed the interaction with his classmates and Veronique and his spoken and written French improved considerably. He enjoyed using his language skills on our trip to Paris last year.

Would we recommend the French courses offered?

I can thoroughly recommend both the pre-International GCSEs course and the IGCSE course. They are both well run, well taught and good value for money. Véronique is an excellent teacher and very good about giving help and advice to students. She always marks work quickly and with helpful feedback.


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