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Study French with proven resources that will take your French from complete beginner level to confident near native speaker level while you will be enjoying the process. 

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Study French with these French Resources

These proven resources that have been trialled countless times with our students will accompany you through discovering the beautiful French language. They are essential in helping you achieve great results and success in your journey studying French.

Free French downloads

Use the Free downloads in French below to assist you in your journey learning the French language!

Kickstart your French with these four Free French downloads below that cover key strategies as well as important  grammatical and vocabulary concepts for you to successfully study French.

10 Essential Strategies to successfully learn French Checklist

Learn French the right way with this FREE checklist. It provides a road map with the exact order to do things when it comes to learning French. Take the right move by knowing exactly the skills that you need to master before moving to the next one.

Efective way of using Regular verbs in French

Learn the basics needed to start building sentences in French. This mini-guide will help you with the first step needed to confidently use and memorize Regular Verbs in French.

French Question words

Most Common French Question Words to better understand questions asked

Never answer by when you did something rather than why you did it. Understanding question words in French is the crucial step needed for you to actually understand a question that is asked to you and then answer appropriately.

French Alphabet flashcard

Learn the French alphabet so that you know how to spell your name and where you live in French when you book your next hotel room in France.

French Quiz to gauge your progress while you study French

Take this remarkable French Quiz before your next crucial French exam!

French Quiz for your IGCSE or GCSE French

 Test your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and verb tenses in French and in minutes, find out how much you know in French.

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French nursery rhymes to assist you while you study French

Our careful selection of the most attractive nursery rhymes to help you study French in a relaxing and entertaining way!

At EFrench Tuition Online, we understand that learning a new language can be difficult. Through our experience teaching for many years, we have found that the best way to remember vocabulary is through repeating words over and over. And what a better way to repeat words if not through songs?

1 2 3 nous irons au bois

Learn in a fun way the numbers up to twelve in French and some other words with this famous French song for children
a lark = une alouette

Learn the vocabulary related to the body parts with this entertaining French children's song
savez-vous planter les choux?

Another interesting Nursery Rhyme that will help you memorise the main body parts in French

French videos

Use this amazing collection of French videos to easily study French. Without realising it, pick up new words and phrases in an entertaining way!

study French

The videos provided cover key vocabulary. They will develop your listening skills and improve your general understanding of the French language.

French textbooks to study French

Rigorously selected textbooks that have mostly been approved by major exam boards to ensure that you cover the required specifications.

Successfully develop your ability to use French through using approved exam board textbooks that will effectively support your learning of the French language. 

KS3 French textbooks

Kickstart your French with these excellent KS2 and KS3 French textbooks which are ideal materials to accompany you while you get started studying French. These beginner books cover the basic grammar and vocabulary concepts that are crucial in building the right foundation that you need.  

study French

Prepare for your IGCSE French exam with this choice of colourful IGCSE French textbooks that will develop your knowledge of the language and build your skills with their grammar-led approach. 

AS/A-Level French books

Ace you AS and A-Level French exams with this amazing selection of textbooks that will help you swiftly progress from IGCSE/GCSE to A-Level and help you become an independent mature speaker of the French language.

Quotes in French to inspire you while you study French

Use these beautiful quotes in French that have been translated in English to inspire you and develop your French in an interesting way. They will lead you to study French with no real effort.

Quotes are very powerful tools to inspire people. Use these fascinating quotes from French writers and other well-known personalities; they have been translated in French to develop your knowledge of the French language and motivate you in many aspects of your life, projects and studies.

French stories for kids & French novels for beginners

Study French in a fun way with these captivating and intriguing French stories for kids and French novels for beginners!

At EFrench Tuition Online, we understand that if it is not fun it won't be done. We have got you covered: we combine fun and learning for the best results, so enjoy!


Heidi - une histoire pour les enfants et ceux qui les aiment.

Use the full folder of this well-known story for kids, Heidi, which includes:

French for kids storybooks

Have fun discovering some fantastic stories for kids and slowly learn basic French vocabulary
children's French Novels

Enjoy these French novels for beginners and at the same time, develop your skills in French.

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