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Our different IGCSE/GCSE French Courses

The IGCSE/GCSE French Course is perfect for you if you want to further your skills in French and prepare for a nationally recognised qualification in French.

Benefits of the IGCSE/GCSE French Course

The International GCSE syllabus is designed primarily for students who want to learn about the French language culture and who would like to enhance their future education or employment prospects.

The IGCSE/GCSE French course will enable you to:

  • Develop your ability to use French effectively
  • Challenge yourself to achieve your potential
  • Prepare you for further study into A-level
  • Gain insight in French-speaking culture

Students will quickly be able to speak and understand French in a variety of common communication scenarios. They will be expected to communicate formally and informally in a range of contexts, and to understand a wide range of texts and styles. Students will develop competency through a variety of tasks based on authentic texts and speeches.

This course will provide you with extensive preparation that will help you become an independent, confident linguist.

Special Note! We offer five types of IGCSE/GCSE French Courses and prepare students to sit exams with both Cambridge and Edexcel exam boards. See below for more details.

I got an A* with 96%.

«My IGCSE French results came out! I got an A* (96%). Thank you so much for your excellent, thorough and patient preparation - for being a wonderful French teacher 🙂»  

Sara G.

Cambridge IGCSE Student  from Singapore

Entry Requirements To Join The IGCSE/GCSE French Course

Entry Requirements To Join The IGCSE/GCSE French Course
The IGCSE/GCSE French Course is, in most cases, delivered in real-time live online and suitable to students who have completed the study of any KS3 or pre-IGCSE/GCSE French courses or are of a similar level.

Students who will have the knowledge and skills required will successfully cope with the level of difficulty of this course. 

Aims and objectives of the IGCSE/GCSE French Course

The IGCSE/GCSE French course will help pupils:

Understand Written French

Understand and use written forms of the French language, in a range of familiar and practical contexts, and for a variety of purposes

Understand spoken French

Understand and use the spoken forms of the French language, in a range of familiar and practical contexts, and for a variety of purposes

Communicate in writing

Communicate effectively in the French language through the written word, using a range of vocabulary and structures

Communicate in speaking

Communicate effectively in the French language through speaking, using a range of vocabulary and structures

positive attitudes

Develop positive attitudes towards modern foreign language learning


Develop knowledge and understanding of the French language grammar and its practical application

French culture

Develop knowledge and understanding of countries and communities where the French language is spoken

Further study

Gain a suitable foundation for further study of the French language.

“You always go to such great lengths to overcome any issue and I really appreciate that. The IGCSE course is excellent and so is the whole service that you provide. I am truly grateful.”

Jenny H.  // Parent of Edexcel IGCSE Student

Our different IGCSE/GCSE French Courses

We offer speaking IGCSE/GCSE French courses and full IGCSE/GCSE French courses.

Speaking igcse french course

Our speaking IGCSE French course concentrates on the speaking exam.

It's perfect for you if you want to boost your confidence in French and develop your speaking skills.

We therefore offer a Cambridge Oral exam IGCSE French Preparation course and an Edexcel Oral exam IGCSE French Preparation Course.

Full igcse french course

The other type of IGCSE course that we offer is the complete IGCSE French course, at the end of which you are fully prepared to sit your French exam. For this course, we follow both the Cambridge and the Edexcel syllabuses.

With us, you can therefore prepare to sit and enrol onto the Cambridge Foreign language IGCSE/GCSE French Course (0520) or the Edexcel IGCSE/GCSE French Course (4FR1).

The Cambridge IGCSE French course and the Edexcel IGCSE French Course can both be done through distance learning, as part of our private tuition program or as part of a group course. Keep reading for more details on the full IGCSE French course.

What do we offer in our IGCSE/GCSE French Courses?

In addition to the contact teaching hours,  all our  IGCSE/GCSE French courses offer the following benefits.

Qualified Native French speakers

All lessons are taught by qualified experienced native French speaker teachers who can guide you through with the exact pronunciation of the French words and the other intricacies of the French language.

Free initial online lesson

This session will introduce you to our e-classroom, and we will proceed to an evaluation of your level in French. This will also be an opportunity to ask any questions and see how our tuition could be the right fit for you.

Recorded lessons

All students enrolled on the course will have private access to each recorded live lesson, which they can watch (and re-watch) whenever suits them best. This feature is particularly useful when a student who has enrolled on a group course has been absent for unforeseen events.

Email support

Throughout the duration of the course, students can email their teachers or contact them through the messaging system of our teaching platform. Parents can also contact us and their child's teacher for any issue. 

Weekly homework

To reinforce students’ learning, homework is given on a weekly basis and will usually be due three days after the last tutorial or the time that it was set. Written work is marked within 1-4 days or before the next tutorial and uploaded on each student’s dashboard before the following lesson. This ensures that any problem noticed in the homework can be clarified when the lesson takes place. Constructive feedback is given to each student.

24/7 access to our learning platform

24/7 access to EFrenchTuition Online Learning platform: Students are able to access at any time the resources and material available in the ‘members only area’. This area includes exam papers and, the PDFs, Word files and PowerPoints, audio and videos used during the lessons. It also includes vocabulary flashcards and quizzes as well as web links to games and other French educational websites.

Examination-style questions

Examination-style questions and practice focusing on each of the skills required for the IGCSE French exams (listening, reading, writing and speaking) with Edexcel and CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education).

A lot of focus on speaking

We give a lot of focus to speaking in private tutoring or group classes. To allow us to provide the right level of support to each individual student, our group classes are therefore taught in very small sizes of up to 5 students. Based on our expertise and experience, we believe that small groups allow students to better interact with their tutors, especially for a language where speaking is involved.

Overview of our full IGCSE French courses

With our Full IGCSE French courses, students are taught the complete curriculum, at the end of which they are fully prepared to sit their IGCSE French exam. The IGCSE/GCSE French Course is in most cases delivered in real time live and is usually completed in two years. We follow both the Cambridge CIE (0520) IGCSE French Foreign Language and the Edexcel (4FR1) IGCSE in French specifications.

Day and time of the course

The IGCSE/GCSE French Course is delivered over two years and the IGCSE in French class meets for two hours a week. The course is spread over 6 terms, each term having a total of more than 10 weeks. The IGCSE French course usually starts in September for students enrolled on the group course, though recordings of sessions missed could be provided to late applicants. 

Day and time of the course

The IGCSE/GCSE Private tuition French Course is usually delivered over two years and students normally do two hours of tuition each week.


Most students start their private tuition IGCSE French course in September, but as opposed to the group course, students opting for the one-to-one IGCSE/GCSE French program can start and finish their course anytime in the year.

Students can also schedule their individual lessons at a time that is most suitable to them, and it is also possible for them to cancel and reschedule sessions if for any reason they can not attend a specific lesson. 

Progression opportunity after the IGCSE French Course

By the end of the IGCSE French course, students should be in a good position to tackle the IB or the A-level French (Key Stage 5).


I am delighted to tell you that Laurence got an A*. His overall mark was 86 and as the grade boundary for A* for this particular exam is 81 this year, he was well over the boundary. So once again, a million thanks for all your tuition and guidance. Laurence is off to school for the first time in September to study Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A level. With very best wishes.

Jenny - Parent of IGCSE Student

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He is enjoying the course.

"L. is really enjoying the course and I feel very fortunate that it is available to him - many thanks as always.”

J. H.   //  Parent of IGCSE-GCSE student

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