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Our KS3/ Pre-IGCSE/GCSE French Courses

Our KS3 French course is perfect for your child if you want to foster their curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world through a language spoken in 5 continents.

The course is thorough and well-organised. Really pleased at the ease of it.

«I'd like to say that my son has been using this online KS3 course with Véronique for a couple of terms now, and we have found it to be thorough and organised, and I feel he is learning French well. It is the first online course like this we have done, and I'm really pleased at the ease of it and the lack of distraction!» 

Lindsay B.

Parent of Pre- IGCSE Student 

KS3/ Pre-IGCSE/GCSE French Course Overview

The Online KS3/Pre-IGCSE-GCSE French course is delivered live online and suitable to complete beginners.
Previous experience of the subject is not necessary, although students who have already studied French at primary level will have a net advantage.

The course covers years 7 to 9 programmes of study. It provides basic French knowledge and skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing needed to help you progress to French courses at GCSE/IGCSE level.

KS3/Pre-IGCSE-GCSE French Course Features

The KS3/Pre- IGCSE/GCSE French course has the following features:

  • The 11+ Common Entrance/KS3 French course is run on a weekly basis for one, two or three hours a week depending on the option chosen.
  • Covers the English National Curriculum of study for years 7 to 9 known as KS3 French
  • It is designed with home educated learners in mind, so the full curriculum is taught.
  • It is suitable for students who are not taught French in their school or do not attend school.
  • It is also suitable to students who are already studying French at school or elsewhere but who want to improve.
  • Follows through to the GCSE/International GCSE in French and then A-level or IB in French.

With this course, pupils have the expected knowledge, skills and understanding to progress to GCSE or IGCSE at any English school.

Extra details for the 11+ common Entrance/KS3 French Course 

The 11+ Common Entrance/KS3 French course is divided into 3 different stages covering years 7, 8 and 9 learning objectives in French. We are able to provide French live tutoring in all three stages of the KS3 French/Pre-IGCSE-GCSE programme.

Key topics taught

Year 7 Course content
Year 8 Course content
Year 9 Course content

Supporting Material

The course is supported by the following essential texts.

Year 7 students

These students will need the So you really want to Learn French Book 1

Year 8 students

These students will need the So you really want to Learn French Book 2.

Year 9 students

These students will need the So you really want to Learn French book 3.

Other Equipments

A computer

To attend lessons online, students will need a laptop, but they can also use tablets or mobile phones.

Internet access

They will also need a reliable internet connection. More details on technical requirements can be found here.


To make note during the lessons, a notebook is suggested.

What do we offer in our live online KS3/ Pre-IGCSE/GCSE French Courses?

The distance and live online KS3/Pre-IGCSE-GCSE/11+ Common Entrance/KS3 French course is designed in a way that it can be accessed by distance learners. The course is handled through our online teaching platform, and students are able to interact with their tutors (and other students if it is a group course) in the same way as in any brick-and-mortar classroom. To do so, they either talk using their microphone or/and write their messages in the chat box provided.

In addition to the contact teaching hours,  all our  IGCSE/GCSE French courses offer the following benefits.

Qualified Native French speakers

All lessons are taught by qualified experienced native French speaker teachers who can guide you through with the exact pronunciation of the French words and the other intricacies of the French language.

Free initial online lesson

This session will introduce you to our e-classroom, and we will proceed to an evaluation of your level in French. This will also be an opportunity to ask any questions and see how our tuition could be the right fit for you.

Recorded lessons

All students enrolled on the course will have private access to each recorded live lesson, which they can watch (and re-watch) whenever suits them best. This feature is particularly useful when a student who has enrolled on a group course has been absent for unforeseen events.

Email support

Throughout the duration of the course, students can email their teachers or contact them through the messaging system of our teaching platform. Parents can also contact us and their child's teacher for any issue. 

Weekly homework

Homework is set and marked on a weekly basis and constructive feedback is given to each student
 Homework will always be due three days after it was set or after the last tutorial, which gives the tutor enough time to mark it and give it back to the students by the next tutorial day. We have found this to be very productive as students who have questions triggered by the feedback provided in their last homework can ask them in the next tutorial while the homework has only recently been done.

24/7 access to our learning platform

24/7 access to EFrenchTuition Online Learning platform: Students are able to access at any time the resources and material available in the ‘members only area’. This area includes exam papers and, the PDFs, Word files and PowerPoints, audio and videos used during the lessons. It also includes vocabulary flashcards and quizzes as well as web links to games and other French educational websites.

Tutor-marked assignments

To gauge their progress, on top of the homework set at the end of each lesson, students are set regular assignments. The year 7 and 8 courses include 10 Tutor Marked Assignments that need to be completed by students and uploaded to be marked. The year 9 includes 7 Tutor-marked Assignments.

A lot of focus on speaking

We give a lot of focus to speaking in private tutoring or group classes. To allow us to provide the right level of support to each individual student, our group classes are therefore taught in very small sizes of up to 5 students. Based on our expertise and experience, we believe that small groups allow students to better interact with their tutors, especially for a language where speaking is involved.

“You are in my "gratitude list" as I feel blessed to have found you!
I know that with you, she is getting the best French education and I feel happy and confident.
I don't get tired of saying to everyone how lucky we are with our amazing French teacher!

M. S.  // Parent of KS3/Pre-IGCSE/GCSE Student

Our different KS3/ Pre-GCSE/GCSE French Course options

Each Key Stage (Year 7, 8 or 9) of the KS3/pre-IGCSE/GCSE French is usually delivered over 34 hours of live tuition, though this can vary based on the level of the students.

We offer the KS3 French course as a group course, but students can also be taught the same complete curriculum through our KS3/ Pre-IGCSE French private tuition course. 

Day and time of the course

In most cases, the KS3/pre-IGCSE/GCSE French Course is delivered over three years and the class meets for one hour a week. The course is spread over 6 terms, each term having a total of more than 10 weeks.

The pre-IGCSE French course usually starts in September for students enrolled on the group course, though recordings of sessions missed could be provided to late applicants. 

Click here to find out when our 2020-2021 group courses are scheduled as well our term dates.

Day and time of the course

The Pre-IGCSE/GCSE Private tuition French Course is usually delivered over three years and students normally do one hour of tuition each week. However, since it is a one to one course, it could be delivered over one year or less.


Most students start their private tuition IGCSE French course in September, but as opposed to the group course, students opting for the one-to-one IGCSE/GCSE French program can start and finish their course anytime in the year.

Students can also schedule their individual lessons at a time that is most suitable to them, and it is also possible for them to cancel and reschedule sessions if for any reason they can not attend a specific lesson. 

Our KS3/ Pre-IGCSE/GCSE French Group Courses

We offer the possibility to do the 11+ Common Entrance/KS3/ Pre- IGCSE course over two or three years.

The 11+ Common Entrance/ Pre-IGCSE/GCSE French Group Course over three years

This option is more relevant to beginner students who have done very little French or who have not followed a structured KS3 French course.

With this option,  students have one hour of tutorial per week over 9 terms and, in each year, complete one step of the KS3 programme of study.

  • The Year 7 French is ideal for younger beginners and enables students to complete their study from scratch over three years.
  • The Year 8 French is suitable for students who have completed the year 7 in French (or are of similar ability) or who have already covered or are confident with the year 7 learning objectives (1 hour per week).
  • The year 9 French is suitable for students who have already done the year 7 and 8 French or who have already covered or are confident with the year 8 learning objectives (1 hour per week)

The 11+ Common Entrance/ Pre-IGCSE/GCSE French Group Course over two years

This KS3/Pre- IGCSE in French group Course gives your child the option to do the course in just two years. This condensed version is suitable for older students who may not have three years left before the normal IGCSE age,. They therefore would like to move onto IGCSE-GCSE French very quickly after just two years of studying French. Click here to find out more details on this course.

Excellent teaching and support

« The online French has been excellent and (…) we have really valued the sessions. Eleanor’s French has really come on over the past few months thanks to the class. Many thanks for all your support and excellent teaching!» 

DEBORAH  //  Parent of Pre-IGCSE-GCSE/ year 7 French student

Progression opportunity after the KS3/ Pre-IGCSE/GCSE French Course

By the end of the course, students should be in a good position to tackle the GCSE or IGCSE French course (Key Stage 4).

She has come at the end of the term with 95% in speaking

“My husband and I just wanted to send a message of Christmas wishes and to you and your family.
The work and time you have put into I. has reaped huge rewards for her, and she has come out at the end of term with a French Speaking result of 95%, and we are awaiting the written results, but it has been indicated that she has performed strongly there as well.

We feel I. has worked hard with you and with your encouragement she has reached the end of this year in the school she wanted and with many objectives in French achieved.
Thank you so much for what you have done so far.

A. G. and A. G. - Parent of Pre-IGCSE Student

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Learning French is fun and interesting. 
The online side of things is easy to set up and use.

«I would also like to recommend Veronique's classes. Sam has been studying with Veronique since January, and he thoroughly enjoys the classes. He says that she makes learning French more fun and interesting than I ever did! She provides excellent support for her pupils and is always willing to help or to explain. The online side of things is easy to set up and use.» 

TAMMY  //  Parent of KS3/Pre-IGCSE-GCSE/ year 7 French student