Students and Parents Testimonials

If you are looking for French Tuition Online reviews, take a moment and read through some of the emails and feedback (on our virtual classroom profile) that we have received from our fabulous parents and students around the world.

Sara G.

Cambridge IGCSE Student

I got an A* with 96%

My iGCSE French results came out! I got an A* (96%). 
Thank you so much for your excellent, thorough and patient preparation - for being a wonderful French teacher 🙂 

She has come at the end of the term with 95% in speaking

My husband and I just wanted to send a message of Christmas wishes and to you and your family.
The work and time you have put into I. has reaped huge rewards for her and she has come out at the end of term with a French Speaking result of 95% and we are awaiting the written results but it has been indicated that she has performed strongly there as well.

we feel I. has worked hard with you and with your encouragement she has reached the end of this year in the school she wanted and with many objectives in French achieved.
Thank you so much for what you have done so far.
A. G. and A. G. ~  Parents of KS3 Student  ~

She is getting the best education......
I feel blessed to have found you!

'You are in my "gratitude list" as I feel blessed to have found you!
I know that with you she is getting the best French education and I feel happy and confident.
I don't get tired of saying to everyone how lucky we are with our amazing French teacher!
M. S. ~  Parent of KS3 Student  ~

Your teaching involves a large oral component not replicated anywhere else......

«I just wanted to email you and thank you for your hard work with my son. After the last two lessons he has decided he wants to continue to learn French with you. He is going to withdraw from the Key Stage 3 course he was studying with another provider, as it was pitched at the wrong level for him and also the style of teaching was not working for him. In particular your teaching involves a large oral component which is not replicated in any other online French course I have looked at. Thank you so much, you have obviously boosted his confidence in the last two lessons!»
Gwen  ~   Parent of KS3 Student  ~

Laurence got an A*.  A million thanks for all your tuition and guidance. 

I am delighted to tell you that Laurence got an A*. His overall mark was 86 and as the grade boundary for A* for this particular exam is 81 this year, he was well over the boundary. So once again, a million thanks for all your tuition and guidance. Laurence is off to school for the first time in September to study Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A level. With very best wishes


 ~  Parent of IGCSE Student  ~

She provided focused, thorough & patient preparation... I have become a more confident speaker, writer, reader and listener...

I learned French with Ms Barrot from KS3 to iGCSE and loved every lesson. Especially nearer the exam, she provided focused, thorough and patient preparation for the iGCSE French exam. I felt confident especially for the oral segments, where Ms Barrot would help me improve the answers to every question, coach me on my pronunciation and give detailed feedback every class. Thanks to these lessons, I have become a more confident French-speaker, writer, reader and listener! I have just started the IB program at a local international school in Singapore.'
Thank you so much again for your commitment and passion for teaching all these years 🙂
God Bless!
Sara G. ~  KS3 & iGCSE Student  ~

Eliyah is one our students and this is what her mother had to say after three years of French lessons with us.

«Thanks again for what you have taught Eliyah so far. She has greatly benefited and has helped speaking to French family and friends immensely!» - Patrice D. (parent of Years 7, 8 and 9 student)

students and parents testimonials

B is enjoying his French lessons with you... puts words together to make up sentences....

«B. is enjoying his French lessons with you, and he has been experimenting with putting words together to make up sentences. That is a sign that he has his confidence back - it's great, thanks!»
K. S.  ~   Parent of KS3 Student  ~

~   Parent of KS3 Student  & KS3 student~

Michelle & Harriet Griffin   

Thank you for your Continued support & the high Level of tuition....

«We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for you continued support and the high level of tuition you have provided.»

After two years of tutoring Naomi in KS3 and GCSE in French, this is what she had to say about the support received.

My prununciation has improved.... I find speaking in French a lot easier....

«Over the last two years, I have benefited greatly from your lessons as I learnt all about sentence structure, all the different grammar rules and how to apply the complex grammar to my own work. Also I have learnt a lot more new vocabulary from all the different texts we look at in your lessons and from reading these texts my pronunciation has improved massively and therefore now I find speaking in French a lot easier. I have definitely made an improvement over the last two years in my French listening, reading, speaking and in the writing tasks especially. I would recommend this tutoring company to anybody who is in need of any help in any aspect of French whether it is just understanding the basic grammar rules or being able to speak more fluently in French because the lessons are very effective and simple to understand, also the texts we look at and the listening activities we do from the book are very fun and interesting.»
~  Naomi N.  ~ (KS3 and GCSE student)

Learning French is fun and interesting...The online side of things is easy to set up and use...

«I would also like to recommend Veronique's classes. Sam has been studying with Veronique since January and he thoroughly enjoys the classes. He says that she makes learning French more fun and interesting than I ever did! She provides excellent support for her pupils and is always willing to help or to explain. The online side of things is easy to set up and use.»  
~  Tammy  ~   (parent of KS3 and IGCSE student)  ~

«You always go to such great lengths to overcome any issue and I really appreciate that. The IGCSE course is excellent and so is the whole service that you provide. I am truly grateful.»
~  Parent of IGCSE student.  ~

students and parents testimonials

The online French is excellent.....
Thanks for all your support & excellent teaching....

« The online French has been excellent and (…) we have really valued the sessions. Eleanor's French has really come on over the past few months thanks to the class. Many thanks for all your support and excellent teaching!» 

Deborah   ~   Parent of Year 7 student  ~

The course is thorough and organised....My son is learning French well.....really pleased with the ease of it...

«I'd like to say that my son has been using this online KS3 course with Veronique for a couple of terms now and we have found it to be thorough and organised and I feel he is learning French well. It is the first online course like this we have done and I'm really pleased at the ease of it and the lack of distraction!»
~  Lindsay B. ~  (parent of Year 7 & 8 student)

The course is great, well structured and well taught.....fantastic way to learn French online....

«The IGCSE course is great, well structured, thorough and well taught. It is a fantastic way to learn French online and I would recommend the course to any home ed families with children who want to learn French.»
~  Parent of IGCSE student  ~

After studying for just one year with us and joining the combined years 7/8 course, this is what parents of two siblings had to say:

«Thank you for all your hard work with Lucas and Clarrie this year. I am very impressed with how much progress they have made in a relatively short time!»
Davina B. ~  Parent of Pre-IGCSE student.  ~

students and parents testimonials

«The teaching was very good. You learn what you need to and more. The course helped me a lot with my French.»
Harun. ~  IGCSE student.  ~

a very good progression

«It has been a very good progression for B. from where he had stopped before enrolling with you.» 

K. S.  ~ Parent of KS3 student ~

E. is learning so much with you!...

«I have taken a look at some past papers for the edexel igcse French and we feel that if E. were to take that exam now she would get a very good mark! Which just shows how much she has learnt with you. We very much want her to continue having lessons with you as she is learning so much. »
~   P. D.   ~  (parent of KS3 student)

The virtual classroom works very well....My daughter reassured by your Positive feedback & encouragement...

«« Thank you for the lessons. The virtual classroom works very well. My daughter was very nervous about having the lesson but was really reassured by your positive feedback and encouragement. Thank you.»
~  Tavi & Lisa Chappell ~   IGCSE Student and parent  ~ 

D. really enjoys the French lessons...

"D. really enjoys the French lessons and often spends hours looking up French online, as well as speaking newly learnt words and phrases."
~    Parent of KS3 student  ~

After three years of taking French lessons with us including preparing for the IGCSE in French, this is what Laurence's mother had to say about how her son tackled the exams and how well-prepared he was.

«I just wanted to let you know that Laurence felt the exam went really well yesterday. He didn't have any problems and felt very well prepared. So thank you once again for all your hard work over the past three years. You have been a brilliant teacher and I really can't thank you enough. Very best wishes»
~  Jennie (parent) ~  Parent of Pre-IGCSE & Edexcel IGCSE student.  ~

The Cambridge IGCSE Course got my French to a standard many miles higher than it was before....

«The IGCSE course that I took with you was beyond good, helpful and most importantly, informative. It got my French to a standard many miles higher than it was before I started your course. The speaking lessons, especially, I found incredibly helpful and made me so much more competent in, not just speaking French, but also in writing the language! I would absolutely recommend you to anyone interesting in doing French lessons. Thank you Véronique!» 

Noha N  

~ Cambridge IGCSE French student  ~

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