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Do you want to study and confidently communicate in French, prepare for nationally recognised French exams and enjoy all of that in the process?

EFrenchTuition Online is on a Mission

We are on a mission to empower one million people through our French courses which range from primary school age to advanced level giving you the knowledge, skills and qualifications you need in life.  Our courses allow you to take your French from beginner level to near native French speaker level with specialist native French-speaking and qualified teachers supporting you every step of your way. 

We don't just offer French courses. We offer experiences and empowerment through new skills!


You're valued

Our mission is to provide an outstanding experience to all our students and their parents from the time they start learning French with us until they left.


Experienced online and offline teachers

Teaching offline and online for many years has taught us many skills and especially the expertise needed to get students to successfully learn the French language while enjoying it. 


Native French speakers

With us, your child learns the correct pronunciation of words in French from the start.  We understand how nearly impossible it is to get students to pronounce properly words that they have incorrectly been pronouncing for years.


Valuable Life skills to empower you

Our different French courses prepare your child for life. They help develop their confidence and communication skills in French, and those skills can be used in their professional or/and personal lives. In any cases,  they will grow a lasting passion for this Language.

What our students and parents say....

His progress has been impressive, and he is very enthusiastic about learning the language.

«I just wanted to say thank you so much for scheduling in G.’s catch-up session. It was so kind of you to make time, and it helped him enormously. He is really enjoying your lessons and is getting a huge amount from them. I feel that his progress has been impressive, and he is very enthusiastic about learning the language. As I write he is completing the TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) you set last Friday. Many thanks for the inspiration you are providing.


Gween / ~ Parent of Pre-IGCSE Home educated learner ~

I find speaking in French a lot easier. Lessons are very effective and simple to understand. Activities are fun.

«Over the last two years, I have benefited greatly from your lessons as I learnt all about sentence structure, all the different grammar rules and how to apply the complex grammar to my own work. Also, I have learnt a lot more new vocabulary from all the different texts we look at in your lessons and from reading these texts my pronunciation has improved massively and therefore now I find speaking in French a lot easier. …the lessons are very effective and simple to understand, also the texts we look at and the listening activities we do from the book are very fun and interesting.»

Naomi N.  ~ KS3 & GCSE Student ~

Our history at EFrenchTuition Online

EFrenchTuition Online was founded by Véronique Barrot in response to a growing demand for live and online French tuition delivered by native French speakers.

Some years ago, she recognised the difficulties faced especially by students who were being educated outside the school context, such as home educated students, to successfully study French at home without access to a native French speaker. She therefore started providing to those students UK National curriculum French courses including nationally recognised exam-led courses such as the IGCSE and A-level French courses.

Later on, in 2013, EFrenchTuition Online also started tutoring students who attended school as they often felt that they needed specific one-to-one attention to better improve their pronunciation and develop further other skills in French.

EfrenchTuition Online has now extended its provision to also offer complete French courses to students who attend school but whose schools do not offer teaching of the French language or any foreign languages. With the support provided, students have managed to gain confidence in French, rapidly boost their French learning and sit nationally recognised exams such as the IGCSE/GCSE and A-level in French.

Discover How to kick-start your French!

Learn the French alphabet with this amazing French-English ABC Flash card pack offered free to you as a gift from us!

A little about the founder


MA with Merit: Véronique graduated with a Masters of Arts (M.A) in Education at the University of Nottingham.

PGCE: She graduated with a PGCE Post-Graduate Certificate in Education at the University of Nottingham.

QTS: She graduated with a QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) at the University of Nottingham.

Degree: She gained a Licence (Degree) at the University of Nancy (France).

Experience and Mini Life story

Véronique has been in the Education, training and tutoring industry for the last 20 years and has worked in many schools and colleges in the UK. She loves sharing with others her knowledge and helping them succeed in their dreams and ambitions.

She is a native French speaker, and lived and studied for several years in France where she gained a Licence (Degree) at the University of Nancy (France) before moving to the UK where she now lives.

Besides being a native French speaker, she is a qualified teacher. She is also a home educator and home-educated her son who is now studying engineering at university.

When she is not teaching her incredible students, she loves to cook and tackle DIY projects around the house. She also has a passion for houseplants and medicinal plants. 

How we help our students at EfrenchTuition Online

Teaching and tutoring others in French is a real passion for us at EfrenchTuition Online.

Whatever your level, we would like to inspire you to love this beautiful and useful language as much as we do.

As we have been able to become fluent in English, we would also like you to feel assured that you could do the same too. 

We would love to help you develop your confidence speaking in this  beautiful foreign language.

Here is what a parent had to say about our service :

Has been very complimentary about the course. More confident when speaking French.

«N. has been very complimentary about the course, he enjoys his lessons. He says that his teacher at school has noticed an improvement in his pronunciation. He also seems to be a bit more confident when speaking French. I have been impressed with your service and have even recommended it to a few of my friends.» 


Parent of Pre-IGCSE Student who attends school

We usually design lessons that are personalised and respond to our learners’ needs. In this way, they will be both enjoyable and interesting to you.

Besides, we tend to incorporate in our teaching various elements which are not only interactive and fun, but they also include situations that we usually encounter on a daily basis.

Our French lessons are based on various kinds of mediums which consist of newspapers’ articles, 
videos, films, novels, storybooks, podcasts, audio-books, radio and TV broadcasts, short stories, magazines, movies, blogs’ articles, photos and so much more.

What's your next step?

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