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Our Frequently asked questions

Please review the list of questions below for answers to common  EFrenchTuition Online questions.

If you have a specific question that you cannot find an answer to, feel free to use the contact form, and we'll be happy to respond to it as soon as possible.

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What levels do you teach?

At French Tuition Online, we teach all levels from basic to advanced. Basic French (primary), pre-iGCSE/GCSE (years 7, 8 & 9, 11+ common entrance), GCSE/IGCSE (years 10-11) and advanced (A-level [AS and A2], DELF B1 and B2) are the different levels that we are specialised in to offer tuition, help and support at EFrenchTuition Online.

Does EFrenchTuition Online offer intensive French Courses?

Yes. You might need a full immersion in French just before a holiday in France or because you are preparing for an important French exam. Whichever case you are in, EFrenchTuition Online can help you by offering an intensive French course especially designed for your particular situation. You can book up to 30 lessons over a period of 30 days. 

What are the best books to prepare for the French IGCSE/GCSE?

How much do the lessons cost?

Prices vary according to the nature of your lesson, its duration and the program chosen. The costs will therefore be different whether you take a single lesson or whether you opt for a package of 5, 10 or more sessions. It will also be different whether your lesson is at KS3 level or at advanced level. Please go here for the cost of our private tuition or to fees for more details or contact us for information on our different tariffs.

Are the lessons delivered via Skype or Zoom?

We do not use Skype or Zoom to deliver our lessons, but a technology that is quite similar to them with added advantages. The technology that we use is specially designed for online teaching. We use an online platform which allows us to project presentations and other documents which students can see. They can also interact with the teacher and other students, write on an interactive whiteboard or in the chat box and speak to us when this is required. 

What are the technical requirements to take my French lessons online?

We have an article on the technical requirements as well as the tools and equipments needed to attend a lesson online. Click here to find out more...

How to book a lesson?

With EFrenchTuition Online, booking a lesson is as easy as 1-2-3. Click here to find out how.

When are the group courses scheduled?

Times/ Days




8:30 - 10:10

Pre-IGCSE French
over 2 yrs
(First year)

(From 10:00 - 11:00)
Year 8 French

10:20 - 12:00

Pre-IGCSE French
over 2 yrs
(Second year)

(From 11.15 - 13.30)
IGCSE French Group 
(First Year)

12:15 - 13:15

Year 7 French
Group course

IGCSE French 
Group Course
(First yr)

15:05 - 17:15

IGCSE  French
(Second year)

18:00 - 19:00

Yr 9 after school
Group course

19:00 -20:00

Yr 7 after school
Group Course

Term dates

Our 2022-2023 Term dates

Autumn Term

Starts on Monday 12 September 2022 – Friday 16 December 2022

(Half term: 24-28 October 2022)

Spring Term

Starts on Tuesday 03 January 2023 – Monday 03 April 2023

(Half term: 13-17 February 2023)

Summer Term

Starts on Monday 24 April 2023 – Monday 17 July 2023

(Half term: 30 May- 03 June 2023)

Bank Holiday: Monday, 1 May 2023

Our 2021-2022 Term dates

Autumn Term

Starts on Monday 6 September 2021 – Friday 17 December 2021

(Half term: 25 October 2021- 29 Oct.)

Spring Term

Starts on Monday 03 January 2022 – Friday 01 April 2022

(Half term: 14-18 February 2022)

Summer Term

Starts on Monday 25 April 2022 – Monday 18 July 2022

(Half term: 30 May- 03 June 2022)

Bank Holiday: Monday 2 May 2022

Our 2020-2021 Term dates

Autumn Term

Starts on Monday 7 September 2020 – Sunday 6 December 2020

(Half term: 26 October 2020- 01 Nov.)

Spring Term

Starts on Monday 04 January 2021 – Sunday 04 April 2021

(Half term: 15-21 February 2021)

Summer Term

Starts on Monday 26 April 2021 – Sunday 11 July 2021

(Half term: 24-30 May 2021)

Bank Holiday: Monday 3 May 2021

Are you a Tutors and Exams Learning partner?

Yes, we are a Tutors and Exams Learning partner and greatly value our partnership with them. Our students are not only able to prepare for their French exams with us, but they can also sit their French exams with us through Tutors and Exams.
We are now delighted to provide our students qualifications that materialise and show evidence of the knowledge and skills acquired during their time studying French with us. Entering for your French exams through us will qualify you for a 10% discount on your exam fee.

My daughter is keen to take French IGCSE, will she be able to sit the final exam with you?

We prepare students for their French IGCSE exam, and they are now able to sit the exam with us through Tutors and Exams. It is, however, the parents or guardians' responsibility to enter the student for examinations. If entered through us, you will benefit from a 10% discount on your exam fee.
If however you would prefer to enter your child through another exam centre, we can provide you with a list of the centres that some of our students or other parents have successfully used to sit their IGCSE in French.

In the UK, Edexcel and CAIE both have centres throughout the country where your daughter will be able to sit her Cambridge or Edexcel IGCSE in French examinations. If you are based overseas, the British Council will usually be the exam centre of choice. Both of the exam boards have further details on their websites. The links below will help you search for a centre in your area:

Edexcel Exam Board
Cambridge exam board

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