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French videos are excellent tools to learn French and are great fun. Find here amazing French animated videos and television series for you to enjoy.

Enjoy the French videos below!

Videos are fantastic tools to use while you study French as they help extend further the learning done in class. They also help to improve language skills. Another interesting point is that by being interactive, they allow you to learn in a fun way. 

Stéphane Plaza, Chasseurs d'appart
French TV Show - Video

This video presents a TV show which is broadcasted on M6, one of the main TV channels in France. In this TV show three contenders search for the house or flat which best suits the requirements of the day's client of a state agent. 

C'est un secret - Children's French Guided Reading with Video

Watch the video of this guided reading in French and develop your listening skills in a fun way.

C'est un secret tells the story of M. Duck that falls in love with Ms Duck but want this to be a secret.  

Will he manage to keep his secret? Find out....

Video of Heidi, une histoire pour les enfants et pour ceux qui les aiment

Watch this well-known story for kids, Heidi, which includes 25 videos.

Les malheurs de Sophie

Discover the French television series, Les Malheurs de Sophie which is a French animated television series based on a children French novel written by the Countess de Ségur.

Cadichon Ou Les mémoires d’un âne

Cadichon is a French animated television series that tells the story of a little grey donkey that is mistreated by her master. She is comforted by her friends Caroline, Jacques, Sooty and Rover.

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