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National Curriculum from home

If like an increasing number of students, you prefer to study French at home, but want to follow a structured course in line with the National Curriculum, we can certainly help. Being myself a home educator, I recognise the difficulty for home educated children to study a foreign language and be ready to sit UK recognised examinations without access to a live teacher and a structured course. Offering any place education and complete courses that follow the National curriculum, Online French Tuition is the solution.

We will fully provide your child with the knowledge and skills covered in French  at Key Stage 3 (year7-9) and prepare them for their International GCSE in French.

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The National Curriculum explained

The National curriculum provides a framework used in all maintained school to ensure that teaching is balanced. It structures the knowledge, skills and understanding required in each subject and sets out the level and attainment targets that a child is likely to achieve at each stage of their education.

The National Curriculum in French

At the end of year 7, most pupils are expected to reach levels 2 to 3 in French. Typically, at the end of Year 9, most students should reach levels 3 to 4 and most of year 9s attain level 5. It is however possible to be working at different levels in different skills (Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing). A student-friendly National curriculum level descriptor is provided for French.

At French Tuition online we have decided to follow the National Curriculum as it allows teaching to be delivered in a structured way and learning to be accessed progressively. This means that the teaching of the knowledge and skills required in one stage in the National Curriculum assumes familiarity with that of the previous stage.  The National Curriculum’s objectives are then translated into teaching and learning activities.

Why do we follow the National Curriculum in French?

Life circumstances may mean that  parents have to move or start working full time and can no longer home educate their children. Consequently, if for any reason a child must go back to maintained school, they will be able to do so without suffering great gaps in their education.

However, many would agree that by determining what a child should learn at a specific age, the National Curriculum roughly assumes that children of the same age can be taught the same topics/subjects at the same time. At French Tuition Online, we understand however that each child is different, learns differently and progresses differently. Our students are not restricted by their age and can therefore access the next level of their education as soon as they are ready academically.

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