Year 9 French course Module 1

Learning Objectives:

In this module, you will revise the French you learnt in year 7. You will look at:

  1. numbers 1- 100
  2. the masculine and feminine used for nouns (le, la, un, une)
  3. how to conjugate the verb Avoir and être (to be and to have) in the present tense
  4. how to say how old you and others are, when is yours and others’ birthday.
  5. the verbs in of the first group (ending in –ER)
  6. how to say ‘to’ and ‘at in French (use of à, , à la, à l’, au, aux or chez in French)
  7. the possessive pronouns ‘my’, ‘your’, ‘his’ and ‘her’ in French ( mon, ma, mes, ton, ta, tes, son, sa, ses
  8. the reflexives verbs – i.e. se laver, se coucher- (to wash oneself, to go to bed) in the present tense
  9. how to express negation
  10. how to express quantity
  11. the days of the week and the months of the year
  12. the different method of transport
  13. clothes, colours and adjectives
  14. how to ask a question in French
  15. the expressions with ‘avoir’
  16. the immediate future



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