Kick Start Your French Quote of the week 7

Kick Start Your French Quote of the week 7

Kick start Your French Quote of the week 7 is part of our series of Quotes that have been translated in both French and English. Quotes can often be inspirational and motivational in the way that they give many of us the strength and determination to achieve great things.


These weekly quotes and the deep meaning that they contain are able to impact our lives in more than one way. Getting started with a new foreign language can be tough and  our series can be a great way to find enjoyment whilst learning. If you have not seen our previous quotes, you will find here the last English/French quote that we published which is by Martin Luther King. Another one by Flora Lewis can  be found here.

Watch our weekly quote video below!

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Kick start your French – Quote 7

The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.

Leonardo da Vinci

Le plaisir le plus noble est la joie de comprendre.

Leonardo da Vinci 


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