2016 CIE IGCSE French Exam dates (0520)

The CIE IGCSE in French exams are approaching fast and will soon be here. In fact, the oral exams start as early as in September. You will find below the important dates to put in your calendar.

2016 CIE IGCSE French Exam dates

The CIE IGCSE exams in French October/November 2016 sitting for the United Kingdom are on the following dates:

  • French (Listening) 0520/12 lasts 45 minutes and is on Friday 11 November 2016 in the afternoon
  • French (Reading) 0520/22 lasts 1 hour and is on Friday 21 October 2016 in the afternoon


  • French (Writing) 0520/42 lasts 1 hour and is on Friday 28 October 2016 in the afternoon
  • French (Speaking) 0520/03: 15 Sep 2016–31 Oct 2016

As can be seen from the dates above, the speaking, which is done on an individual basis, has not got a set date. It can be scheduled from 15 September until 31 October 2016.

How to tackle your oral exam in French

Students have always found the oral exam in French to be one of the most difficult and frightening exams. To help you get ahead with your speaking exam, you can download here our CIE IGCSE guide which has more than 50 questions. Those questions are mainly suitable for test 3 which is the General conversation part but will also be useful for test 2, the conversation part of your Cambridge IGCSE in French speaking exam. Try to answer those questions at least two or three weeks before your real exam. If you write your answers down and try to memorize them, your oral exam will be a lot easier.

If you feel that you would need more help to really nail your pronunciation and improve your confidence, we also offer a CIE Oral Exam Preparation Course which has led many of our students getting the best possible grades in their exams.

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