A huge welcome to our students!

Once again, we are pleased to welcome our new and returning students for another year full of success. We hope that you all had a very relaxing summer break and are ready for a new year of learning!

Our students have a love for their French subject!

Last week was our beginning of term and throughout the week that’s gone by, we were able to discover with great pleasure how eager and excited our students were to join their classes. We were extremely happy to note for ourselves the level of enthusiasm they had for our French lessons and the level of enjoyment they seemed to glean from them.


Qu'est-ce que tu as fait pendant les vacances?
Où es-tu allé?

Our year 9 class in particular, which has only students who did their years 7 and 8 with us, demonstrated their love for French by performing beyond our expectations. The students could respond to many oral questions in French using a variety of vocabulary and tenses. When the question “Qu’est-ce que tu as fait pendant les vacances” was asked to some of them, they could confidently answer and maintain a conversation about various other details. They could for instance give a detailed description of what they ate, where they went on holiday and how they traveled there. This was fantastic! We were very impressed to see that our students could remember what they had been taught throughout years 7 and 8 and were pleased to realise that they may have continued to practise and enjoy French during their summer holidays. They are definitely passionate about the language. Well done to them!

Our Students are from all over the world!

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A huge welcome to our students

Another thing that we are proud of, is our ability to accommodate students from all over the world. We are extremely fortunate to have many more students this year attending our lessons from abroad, including the United States, Ireland, Singapore, Wales, Malawi and England. As a matter of fact, one of our year 8 students just moved from England to the United States but was still able to carry on learning French with us in year 9.
This would not have been possible without our virtual classrooms and we are glad that our way of delivering courses caters for such changes in the family. The technology that we use, specially designed for online teaching, allows us to project presentations on a whiteboard while students can see them and they are always happy to be able to talk and interact with their peers as well as their teacher. 

We wish to all of you every success in your journey of learning French and to continue showing such a passion for this beautiful language!

Our small group tuition courses started last week but it is not too late for you to join some of our Pre-IGCSE (KS3) groups. Each year, we accept late entries until 15 October. If you would like to join us next year, you can register now and throughout the year so that you do not miss the opportunity. More info on our group courses can be found here. 


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